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Creating, Imaging, Modeling and Predicting the Interface of Biology & Materials Science for High Technology & Molecular Medicine

An Empirical, Computational, and Artificial Intelligence Approach.
July 10-13, 2019
University of Washington 
Materials Science & Engineering Building, Roberts Hall 
2110 NE Mason Road
Seattle, WA 98195 

Lectures at the edge of science, engineering, and artificial intelligence led by university professors.


Hands-on bench top and computational experiments instructed by UW doctoral students.


Team projects, report preparation and presentations carried out and executed by high school students participants.


Applications are now open and will be accepted until Midnight, Friday July 5th, 2019

ABALONE Science Summer Camp for High School Students

ABALONE Science Summer Camp is a FREE four-day enrichment program for high school students that focuses on Molecular Biomimetics, Computational Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence.


This camp allows participants to work on a number of interesting projects under the guidance of GEMSEC PhD students. The goal is to provide education and exposure to the emerging field of Molecular Biomimetics, involving Molecular Biology, Materials Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.


The agenda also includes lectures from world-renowned UW professors, with a keynote presentation by Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya, Director of GEMSEC. There will be demonstrations and hands-on projects in computational and experimental techniques involving a variety of learning experiences culminating in a barbecue lunch on the last day of camp.



Wednesday, July 10th to Saturday, July 13th, 2019

9 AM-5 PM 



University of Washington, GEMSEC

Materials Science & Engineering Building, Roberts Hall

2110 NE Mason Road 

Seattle, WA 98195



  • T-shirts will be provided

  • Students must bring lunch for the first, second, and third days of the camp. Food can also be purchased at University dining facilities (Husky Union Building food court, UW Medical Center Plaza Cafe)

  • BBQ lunch will be provided on the fourth day of camp (family are welcome to attend)

Keynote Lecture

Professor Mehmet Sarikaya

Principle Investigator, GEMSEC | Genetically Engineering Materials Science & Engineering

From Abalone to Molecular Recognition: A Path Towards Intelligent Materials

Past Lectures
Why Molecular Engineering?

Prof. René Overney, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington

Data Science at the eScience Institute?

Dr. Sarah Stone, Co-Executive Director, eScience Institute, University of Washington

A.I. & Machine Learning

Siddarth Rath, PhD student, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Dr. Hadi Zareie, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Two-Dimensional Atomic Legos

Prof. Xiaodong Xu, Dept. of Physics, University of Washington

Computational Projects
Dancing with Molecules

Mentor: John Hamann, Undergraduate Senior, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

A Machine Learning Game

Mentor: Siddarth Rath, PhD student, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Experimental Projects
Gliding Water on a Leaf 

Mentor: Dr. Hanson Fong, Research Scientist, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Biomimetic Tooth Repair

Mentor: Dr. Deniz Yucesoy, Post Doc, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Seeing is Believing: One Atom at a Time

Mentor: David Starkebaum, PhD student, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Abalone_Camp Guide_picture.png

Camp Guide 
given to participants

Camp Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
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