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Graduate Students

Benedicte Diakubama

M.S. Chemical Engineering (Data Science Track) | University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Jacob Rodriguez | PhD Student

Graduate: Material Science and Engineering 

Studied: Material Science and Engineering (Bachelor's and Master's) | University of Washington


John Hamann | Applied Masters Student

Graduate Program: Materials Science and Engineering

Studied: Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Research: High throughput experimental design


Oliver Nakano-Baker | PhD Candidate

Graduate Program: Material Science & Engineering 

Studied: Materials Science and Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Music Performance | Carnegie Mellon University 


Richard Lee | PhD Student

Graduate Program: Materials Science & Engineering, and Nanotechnology & Molecular Engineering

Studied: Physiology & Neurobiology, and Molecular & Cell Biology | University of Connecticut


Sanaz Saadat | PhD Candidate

Graduate Program: Oral Health Sciences | UW School of Dentistry 


Saransh Jain | M.S. 2021

Graduate Program: Chemical Engineering

Studied: Chemical Engineering | University of Mumbai, India

Research: Recommender Systems for predicting peptide/surface interaction behaviors, based on the singular value decomposition of properties found in the Amino-Acid Index database.

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Siddharth Rath | PhD Student

Graduate Program: Materials Science & Engineering 

Studied: Materials Science & Engineering (Master's) | Michigan State University; Metallurgical & Materials Engineering | Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Odisha, India.

Research: Quantum Mechanical driving forces for protein and peptide folding, modeling of peptide/solid bioelectronic interfaces| Artificial Intelligence via spiking neural networks, neural population dynamics, and synaptic plasticity| Metadata Standards in empirical, semi-empirical and convergent science paradigm, Data Science and Engineering


Tyler Jorgenson | PhD Candidate

Graduate Program: Molecular Engineering and Sciences

Studied: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 

Current Project: Scanning probe microscopy-based characterization of self-assembled peptide (SAP) systems on single-layer atomic material (SLAM) structures.


Yousef Mohammed Baioumy | Applied Masters student

Applied Masters in Materials Science Engineering

Project: Yousef works with Dr. Deniz Yucesoy and Dr. Hanson Fong, and is involved in research towards biomimetic dental repair, specifically through the regeneration of hard tissues in the oral cavity, utilizing peptide-guided biomineralization treatments.​

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