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Recent Lab News

Richard Lee | 2021 Herbert B. Jones Foundation Second Place Prize

Congratulations to Richard for winning the Herbert B. Jones Foundation Second Place Prize award ($10,000) at the 2021 Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge organized the UW Foster School of Business! 

Richard Lee | 2021 Most Innovative Award

Congratulations to Richard for winning the Most Innovative Award  at 2021 Science & Technology Showcase! Great example of how academic research can yield big impactful ideas. 

Richard Lee | 2019 Clean Energy Education and Training Fellow

Congratulations to Richard for receiving the CEI Education and Training Fellowship from the Clean Energy Institute. We are excited to see your impact on STEM outreach in the Greater Seattle area and beyond! 

Richard Lee | Outreach Award

Congratulations to Richard for receiving the 2019 Douglas and Barbara Allan K-12 Outreach Award at the Annual MSE Awards in recognition for his commitment and leadership in science education outreach to K-12 students. 

Siddharth Rath | Graduate Mentor Award

Congratulations to Sid for receiving the 2018 Graduate Mentor of the Year Award. Selected by a vote of all MSE undergraduates for the graduate student who has provided outstanding contributions to the education and guidance of undergraduate students outside the classroom. 

Andrea Dao | Levinson Emerging Scholar Award

Congratulations to Andrea for receiving the Levinson Emerging Scholar Award for the 2018-19 academic year. The award provides support for undergraduate students in bioscience-related research and funds only ten scholars per year.  We are very proud of her for this significant accomplishment. 

Andrea Dao | Washington NASA Space Grant Award

Congratulations to Andrea for receiving an award supporting her summer research in GEMSEC from the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). We look forward to an exciting summer of research with her contributions.

GEMSEC | Brushing Up on Biomimetic Tooth Repair

Science Daily and KOMO News cover our research on peptide-based biogenic dental products that can lead to curing cavities. This work was carried out with our collaborators at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. Feel free to access the research article.

Rebeka Khajehpour | Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship

Congratulations to Rebeka for receiving the Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship recognizing her work on creating a resource for departments interested in establishing their own underrepresented/minoritized affinity groups. Her work has led to the formation of the Women in Physics group in the Physics department.

Deniz Yucesoy | General Exam

​Congratulations, Deniz, on passing your General Exam. 

Ty Jorgenson | Preliminary Exam

Congratulations, Ty, on passing your Preliminary Exam. 

Prof. Sarikaya | Speaker at GPAS ISTANBUL 2017

Prof. Sarikaya was a speaker for the Innovation Hub panel at an international summit focusing on humanist financial systems where he presented about the Innovation Ecosystem

GEMSEC Students | Travel Grant

Ty Jorgenson and Deniz Yucesoy both received travel funding support from UW GSFEI to attend the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. November 2017. David Starkebaum also received funding from both UW GPSS and GSFEI for travel to the conference. 

Dr. Hanson Fong | Amazon Catalyst

Dr. Hanson Fong received an Amazon Catalyst Award from UW CoMotion for his idea, “3D-Printed Biomimetic Dental Filler.” He plans to use the $50K he is receiving to build 3D-printable biomineralizable gels.  Congratulations, Hanson!

Swapil Paliwal | Fellowship Award

Swapil Paliwal, who just finished his Master's in MSE and is starting on his PhD program, received the Hira Fotedar Fellowship, offered by the MSE Department. Congratulations, Swapil!

GEMSEC | Bio/Nano Interfaces Workshop

GEMSEC organized a mini workshop titled “Genetically Tailored Bio/Nano Interfaces for Technology and Medicine – Foundations and Applications”. Two close collaborators visited GEMSEC this week: Prof. Candan Tamerler from Kansas University and Prof. Yuhei Hayamizu from Tokyo Institute of Technology. These visits and the workshop was supported by the MGI program. See the workshop program here.

GEMSEC | Materials Camp 2017

GEMSEC organized two Materials Camps: one for Middle School students, June 26-30, and the other for High School students, July 10-14. These are annual science camps, co-sponsored with ASM International and led by GEMSEC graduate students and volunteer undergraduates, combining the world of materials with exciting laboratory experiments and projects. 

Welcome: Siddharth Rath

Sid Rath joined GEMSEC as a PhD student.

Invited Speaker: Prof. Michael Dickey

GEMSEC invitee Professor Michael Dickey, from NC State University, presented at the MSE Departmental Seminar: “Soft, Stretchable, and Reconfigurable Materials for Electronics and Actuators.” Prof. Dickey spent significant time with GEMSEC students discussing research using Ga and In alloys. Details here.

Prof. Sarikaya | Talk Presentation

Prof. Sarikaya gave an invited talk at PAC-Rim Conference in Big Island, Hawaii (5/21-5/26/2017). More details here

GEMSEC | Energy Innovations Workshop

GEMSEC organized a mini workshop titled “Energy Innovations” in honor of Professor Shin-ichi Hirano. Dr. Hirano is well-known worldwide in ceramic science and engineering with emphasis on low temperature processing of functional cermaics. He is the former president of Nagoya and is now at Hirano Institute at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. Workshop details here.

Richard Lee & Prof. Sarikaya | Presentation

Richard Lee and Mehmet Sarikaya joined the BioElectronic Winter School in Kirchgberg, Austria.

Prof. Sarikaya | Talk Presentation

Prof. Sarikaya gave two invited presentations at the TMS Annual Meeting (2/26-3/2, San Diego): “Molecular Biomimetics – Peptide-Guided Technology and Medicine" and “Design Principles of Bio/Nano Soft Interfaces”. 

Deniz Yucesoy | Talk Presentation

At the TMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, (2/26-3/2) Deniz presented two talks. 

Deniz Yucesoy | Amazon Catalyst

Deniz Yucesoy received Amazon Catalyst Award on his invention, “Whitening Lozenge.” The award carries funding of $100K for developing an over-the-counter lozenge treatment. Congratulations, Deniz!

Welcome: Prof. Ustundag

​Professor Berk Ustundag (from ITU-Istanbul, Turkey) joined GEMSEC as a Visiting Professor working on Wavelet-based Convolution Networks towards biological brain-like software.

Richard Lee | Travel Grant

Richard Lee received travel funding support from UW GSFEI and GPSS to attend the Bioelectronics Winter School in Kirchberg, Austria, March 2017.

Prof. Sarikaya | I-Corps Panel

Prof. Sarikaya joined the AVS Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee in a panel organized by NSF on I-Corps Program, discussing the its value in introducing academics to the world of innovation and intellectual property.

Richard Lee | Amazon Catalyst

Richard Lee received an Amazon Catalyst Award from UW CoMotion, to fund a project titled: “Biosensor for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer”. Congratulations, Richard! Richard also decided to join GEMSEC Lab as a PhD student.

GEMSEC | Publication

A prominent paper by the Lab is published in Scientific Reports, titled “Bioelectronic interfaces by spontaneously organized peptides on 2D atomic single layer materials”. The formation of coherent interfaces between biology and solid state devices has been demonstrated the first time in this publication, which will form the basis of future bioelectronics devices. Reference here.

Welcome: Ty Jorgenson

Ty Jorgenson, a Molecular Engineering & Science GSRA Awardee joined the GEMSEC Lab, working under Professors Rene Overney and Mehmet Sarikaya.

Invited Speaker: Prof. Berk Ustundag

Berk Ustundag, from Computer Engineering and Information Sciences department of Istanbul Technical University, gave a workshop-style presentation to a group of industrialists and academics, titled “Convolutional Neural Networks.”


GEMSEC receives MGI Grant, titled: “DMREF: Biologically Interfaced Single Layer Devices,” from the Materials Genome Initiative Program, Division of Materials Research at NSF (duration 10/01/16-09/30/19).

David Starkebaum | Outreach Award

David Starkabum receives MSE Department’s Douglass & Barbara Allen K-12 Outreach Award. David has been leading GEMSEC’s efforts in organizing the annual Summer Materials Camp for High School Students. Congratulations, David!

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